Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retreat: Beatitudes for Today’s World

Religious post!  I know how much you guys love these, but the blog is called "A Lesbian Christian".  God's got to show up sometimes.  Here are a few Beatitudes I came up with.

Blessed are the poor,
                for they are rich in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Blessed are the oppressed,
                for the doors of Heaven open up to them.
Blessed are the downtrodden, the despairing,
                for they will be granted God’s eternal grace.
Blessed are the protectors of the innocent,
                 for they will be under God’s protection.
Blessed are those who do good works,
                for their need will be met by others.
Blessed are those who love their neighbor,
                for only they can understand God’s unconditional love.

QBP: "The Lord is my Shepard and he knows I'm gay." -Rev.Troy Perry

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