Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For those ALC virgins out there

A short post since I posted twice (and both of them long) yesterday.

     I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my blog writing.  I feel like I'm figuring out what I want to address and what I want to focus on.  And now that I've found my voice I'm trying to spread the word out about this blog.  So if you're new to the blog I am an admittedly young closested lesbian.  The overarching purpose of this blog is to help show that one can be gay and be tight with the big guy in the sky.  But as is the case there are other interesting aspects to lives and I want to talk about those too.  So I complied a list of focuses (foci?).

- Bringing Gay and God together
- The journey to figure out what Butch means to me and how I can abide by that
- Questioning sexuality and what's it like when you don't know your whole life
- My love life (or more likely lack of)
- What it's like being closeted particularly as I embrace my Butch identity
- If things go according to plan, my entrance into the military and as a result DADT
- Perhaps some fiction and other forms of revelry
- And most importantly having fun and trying not to be too serious

Quotation of the Blog Post (QBP): "For a long time I thought I wanted to be a nun.  Then I realized that what I really wanted to be was a lesbian." -Mabel Maney

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