Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Line dancing – the L is for Lesbians

     The other night I went out to a gay club with Non-lesbian (her idea).  Last time I went to this club it was fun, though there was a claustrophobic abundance of gay men.  I had seen a scattering of lesbians on that night out and around the city, but I have never quite figured out where the lesbians hang out (couldn’t even find any at the roller derby…THE ROLLER DERBY!)
     But I digress.  While Non-lesbian and I were searching for friends at the club we ended up in a room I had never been in before and lo and behold!  Twenty/Thirty lesbians line dancing.  It was a truly wondrous sight to behold.  I even got to see a pocket drag king in a cowboy hat!  He was awesome.       
     Though I had a lot of fun, I had a few caveats about the night.  The lesbian crowd in the club was mostly older.  I felt like such a child.  I ask my question again, but now I have to modify it.  Where are all the lesbians my age?  Even still I’m trying to convince my gay friend, B, to go to the line dancing for beginners nights.  The line dancing looked like serious fun. 
     As for Non-lesbian, I feel perhaps she is getting over her crush on me.  She went out on a date with this guy (from her recent forays into online dating) before we went out to the club.  (Is it suspicious to make plans with your friend right after a date?  I mean wouldn’t you want to at least give yourself the possibility that the date might go really well?)  Besides commenting on how she really liked how I looked in my outfit (I was looking super fly), she didn’t give me any indication of her inclinations toward me.

QBP: "There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good." -Edwin Denby

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