Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lesbian Terminology: The Masculine of Center Edition*

Andro- Stands for Androgynous.  They are men or women who choose to embrace both masculine and feminine characteristics and styles, such that they are at the center of the male/female spectrum. 

Tomboy- As a kid, they’re the girls who enjoy playing with the boys, rejecting typical girly tropes.  As a teenager or adult they are the straight or gay women who still love sports, baseball caps and hanging with the guys. 

Boi- Typically a trendy and dapper lesbian in her late teens, early twenties who likes to dress like a teenage guy.  Check out

Soft Butch- Also known as a “Chapstick Lesbian”.  Think Ellen.  Soft Butches are lesbians who dress more masculine than tomboys, and act more masculine.  They are the in between, between Andro and Butch. 
Butch- Lesbians who embrace their masculinity.  They may act more like men and dress like men.  They also may take the dominant role in relationships.  Though as with most of these terms, the most important factor is that they self-identify as Butch.  

Stone Butch- A Butch who follows the adage, “to give is better than to receive” when it comes to sex.  They’d rather take care of their partner’s needs and are satisfied with that.

Stud- These are butches that have a lot of concern for appearances and "looking good". They sometimes take on the look and mannerisms of a "gangsta" or "thug". Usually younger, masculine behaviors usually similar to that of a teenage or early 20's guy.

AG- Aggressive Girl.  AGs are part of a subculture in cities.  Typically women of color in their twenties, they are tough, gangsta homosexual women.

Genderqueer- Dressing or acting in a manner that is not typically seen as mainstream or what society deems as “traditional” or “normal”.

FTM- Female to Male.  A female that is in the process of transitioning to be a man.  Involves hormones (testosterone), and sexual reassignment surgery. Often, breasts are removed, hysterectomies are performed, and name changes are done. These people live as men.

*Disclaimer* - Other interpretations may apply.

QBP: "I am a rare species, not a stereotype."-Ivan E. Coyote (check the vid below)

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