Thursday, July 11, 2013

Writing a Book!

     One of the reasons why I haven't been as caring to this blog, other than studying for the MCAT (which I did awesomely on), or applying to medical school for a third time, or my EMT job, or tending to my lack of love life (ok fine, I'm terminally single), is the fact that I am writing a book.
     This monstrosity is nearly finished and I am all set to publish it as an ebook on at least Amazon, though I'm looking into other formats.
     Now before you guys groan about another boring book being brought into existence, know this.  It's not some weird fantasy or sci fi where young adults overcome adversity and evil people/corporation/government.  I enjoy some of those stories, but I'm following one of the various "rules" of writing.  I am writing what I know, and lately what I know is being an EMT.
      I'm pairing my EMT job with my ability to read people and applying a great deal of sarcasm, wit, and snarkiness.  It's a semi-non-fiction story in which I describe the hundred different partners I have had as an EMT working for my crappy company.
      I'm going to be publishing it under this pseudonym (I can't have my coworkers tying me to my sometimes unkind words) and I already have a blog which is going to be all about the book saved.  I expect to be published hopefully by September, so keep an eye on this blog and the other for details.
     I'm not saying it's going to be the great American novel or even a good book, but hopefully I will succeed in at least making it an interesting read.

    The link to my book blog, Chucking Granny, is here.  Maybe pretty sparse for a bit, but I'll be working on that soon (in addition to all my above activities).

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