Sunday, September 26, 2010

My type of Christian

     When you tell someone you’re a Christian, depending on who it is, they think very many things.  They might think you’re a stand up individual who lives their life trying to love others and Jesus, but perhaps they won’t.  Instead they might flash to the evening news and the misspelled protest signs at an anti-gay marriage rally.  For many gay men and women, “Christian” can be equated with hate.   It is painfully ironic considering Christ’s message of love.  “Christian” is almost a curse word in the gay community.  Many believe they can’t be both gay and Christian, and in many churches they’d be right.  Churches aren’t always particularly accepting of those who are different. 
     Many who have been hurt by the church previously either give up God altogether or they choose to give up Christianity and instead go the spiritual route.  I have absolutely nothing against exploring different religions or exploring your spirituality, but many give up Christianity because they see only the one hateful image.  I’m writing to say there is hope.  There are churches who follow the original teachings of Christ and welcome and accept and love everyone.  They teach that God is love and that we need to focus on Christ and not on cherry picking outdated verses from the Bible or warping intent from Christ’s words.
     I am very extremely lucky I found a church which loves me for being just who I am, in the South no less!  For a basic list of churches which are accepting of gay men and women go to:   

  I wish you all well on your searches!  

QBP: "It's hard for me to feel welcome in either the gay or Christian community.  Because both are at odds with each other.  And when you are a composite of both it makes it very hard to find a community that's accepting of both."  -Thomas Camp Out

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